I have been asked many times for clarification of where and how my images can be used. I hope this makes it clearer for you. If you are unsure, please just ask! Oh, and I never say no to a pint of beer or a glass of wine if it makes you feel better 🙂

For better Quality: When using any image from the website please click to expand the desired image before right clicking the image to save. This avoids pixelation which is caused by saving a copy of the thumbnail image.

Intellectual Property of Images: Ownership of all images, along with the intellectual property rights and copyright, belong to David Bellin of Hockey Today at all times. This applies to all images on the Hockey Today website, whether watermarked or not, and are subject to the following guidelines:

Personal Use: Images may be used at no cost from the hockeytoday.co.uk website for personal use. Personal use includes printing for yourself, friends and family. It includes using for personal social media accounts and personal blogs. Where possible, please try to credit hockeytoday.co.uk for any image(s) used.

Editorial Use: Images may also be used at no cost for journalistic or educational purposes. Images use can be used in newspapers, magazines (print and online), as well as educational blogs. Editorial use also includes supplying to sponsors who intend to use the image for journalistic or educational purposes themselves. Images should not be cropped, edited or altered without permission from Hockey Today. This does not include automatic adjustments made by social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Editorial use includes but is not limited to: England Hockey, regional hockey centres, local hockey clubs, international hockey clubs, local press, schools and colleges. It does not include national press, corporate or commercial use. Any image(s) published, whether in print or online must credit hockeytoday.co.uk.

Commercial Use: Images used for commercial purposes are not permitted without express permission in writing from Hockey Today. Commercial use is considered to be where an image is used to sell, advertise, promote or endorse an individual,  product, service, or idea. Permission will only be considered once an indication of purpose of use has been provided. There is a cost for commercial use. The cost will be dependent on the nature of the intended use. Any image(s) published, whether in print or online must credit hockeytoday.co.uk.

Purchasing Higher Resolution Images / Removed Watermark / : I have always steered clear of charging for images and there is no reason why you should need to buy an image for personal or editorial use. I really enjoy taking the images without pressure or expectation. Though any funds raised will be put towards equipment costs and maintenance.

If you would like a higher resolution image, for self-printing or other personal or editorial purpose, without the Hockey Today watermark or the requirement to credit hockeytoday.co.uk. The cost per image is £25 for the first image and £15 for each additional image. Alternatively you can order a full set of photos (i.e. all your teams photos at a single event / competition) for £50 if ordered within 7 days of the event or £100 thereafter.  Should you require any additional services please contact David Bellin. Images will be sent via email link for you to download. Printing is not included. Please be aware that commercial use of any image is still restricted and subject to the rules above.

Please note: Purchased images are not permitted to be shared, re-distributed, or re-sold. This relies on honesty, so please do not abuse this condition of sale. 

If the above guidance leaves you in any doubt, it is your responsibility to seek clarification from Hockey Today before using a Hockey Today image. Please do not abuse the generosity of being given access to high quality images which for the most part are free to use.

To contact me (David Bellin) please email hello@hockeytoday.co.uk .